Tuesday, January 25, 2011

27 January

A recent irony for our blog has been that at the point where people would expect us to have so much to say, we have very little to say.  The first reason is practical.  We’re busy putting together essays for the end of our semester, so that’s not terribly interesting, and we also hope to save money for our travels to other countries, so we would not be seeing much of Lebanon at this time anyway.  Secondly, things are extremely complicated here.  Everybody we talk to has their perspective on why things are happening the way they are and the motivations of all of the players, domestically and internationally, concerning the future of the country.  As outsiders, we have learned the importance of suspending our judgment and our perspectives to allow ourselves to be open and observant to what is going on.  The fact of the matter is that there are no clear-cut good guys or bad guys, no clear-cut storyline that can describe the situation here.  The only way that we can appropriately approach the situation is distantly, critically, and prayerfully.  We do know that things have been calm in our neighborhood, we read the news everyday, and we ask lots of questions.  That seems to be best for now as we wrap up our classes and prepare for a vacation to Egypt and Jordan.


  1. Hi Nathan and Melinda,
    So good to see two posts recently! I commented on the first post in January but because I couldn't remember by gmail info I wasn't able to post it!! I only use that account to comment on your blog so I don't recall it easily.
    Sounds like you are very busy with school and I know your trip to Jordan and Egypt will be fascinating. Have either of you ever been to those places? Your mom says you have bad Internet service and computer cable issues and you aren't able to post pictures easily. I hope you can post some of your trip to Egypt while you are there.
    Take care and be safe!! Love, Mrs. B.

  2. Best of luck to you. Safe travels in Egypt.